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Since 1972 our law firm has assisted many clients with various estate planning, probate issues, business and tax representation matters; meeting individual client's needs through individually tailored estate plans.


It is important in any Estate Plan to direct your own future choices, and designate who will manage your personal and financial affairs if you can no longer handle them for yourself?  Estate Planning is critical to make your wishes known.  It is also important to avoid family conflicts, and provide directions for how your assets can provide for those you care about.

Estate Planning often utilizes the following documents:
Last Wills & Testaments
Revocable Living Trusts
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
Durable Power of Attorney
Health Care Power of Attorney
Living Will Declarations

Elder Law Matters Include:

Medicaid Laws (Please note, there have been major law changes, both in 2005 and 2006, that require professional advice).  See NEW DEVELOPMENTS for an update.
Nursing Home Applications
Probate Administration
Guardianships or Conservatorship
Estate Planning
Hearings for Medicaid Appeals
Nursing Home Issues
Ohio Medicaid Recovery
Tax Reprsentation
Tax Planning


Medicaid is the government assistance program for people with low-income or limited assets, having strict eligibility requirements.

For a person financially and medically eligible, Medicaid pays long-term care expenses, either in a Medicaid-certified nursing facility or through  home and community based services called "Passport".


Medicare is the federal health insurance program for individuals age 65 and over - and certain disabled individuals under age 65.  Whether or not eligible for Medicare Part A, you can receive Medical Part B benefits by paying a monthly premium and paying any deductibles and co-payments.

There are two parts to Medicare:

  1. (Part A) - Hospital Insurance
    bulletall costs for up to 20 days of skilled care in a skilled nursing facility after three 
    (3) consecutive days in a hospital - within 30 days of discharge - during each 
    benefit period.  
    bulletAll costs over the daily coinsurance amount for days 21 through 100 in a skilled 
    nursing facility during each benefit period.   

    Eighty percent of Medicare approved amount for durable medical equipment, i.e., 
    hospital bed or wheelchair.

  2. (Part B) - Medical Insurance
    bullet covers 80% of necessary medical services and equipment, including doctors' fees, durable medical equipment such as hospital beds and wheelchairs, X-rays and lab tests, occupational, speech and physical therapies.

Real Estate

Purchase Agreements for Sale or Purchase of Property
Deeds - including transfer on death deeds
Land Installment Contracts

Business Matters, Financial Matters

Family Limited Partnerships
Limited Liability Company
Purchasing or Selling a Business
Family Business Succession Planning
Legal and Financial Obligations of Employers
Employment Contracts